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uhaul Reviews

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  • UHaul has no customer Communication Skills

    I don't even know where to start.... This all started back 2 weeks ago when I needed my father to pick up a truck for me while I was at work. I was told that I couldn't use my card over the phone, which I was fine with. I was than told by a customer service rep that I could buy a 100 gift card and give that code to my father and he would be able to use that as the down-payment for the truck. He went to the location and was promptly told he would not be able to do that and who ever told him that was wrong. At this point I was not able to rent the truck that night as I could... More...
    khull26's Picture   khull26    0 Comments   Comments
  • Uhaul left ubox in the rain, bad customer service

    I moved using Uboxes from Uhaul. There were issues EVERY STEP of the way. The worst was that they left all 7 of my U boxes out overnight in an unsecure area without proper covering. It rained that night (a down pour) and they all got wet. I found out by accident (no manager contacted me). I spent my time and effort getting to the boxes and opening them to salvage what I could and we asked for delivery of them sooner than we would have so we could fully unpack them to mitigate the water issue. U Haul has dragged their feet settling the claim (their typical BAD customer service). There should... More...
    zorg33's Picture   zorg33    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Switcheroo

    I had booked a 17 ft. U-haul in the St. Albert/Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area and was assured that a truck would be available on the date stated. The day before I was to pick up the U-Haul I got a phone call (rep 1) and was told that the truck was available but it was at a U-haul place about 70 km. west of the city on hwy. 16. I was told that there was no other truck closer. Despite the inconvenience, I agreed to pick it up but only if U-haul paid for the taxi to get me there. I phoned the place, a RV sales place just outside of Fallis and was told (rep 2) that not only did they not... More...
    Repulsed's Picture   Repulsed    0 Comments   Comments
  • Reservations mean NOTHING

    I arranged my truck rental a month in advance, for pickup in East New Market MD on Sep 28. I was to fly there from Minnesota the day before and then drive back with a load of furniture. I called the East New Market facility several times in the days leading up to my pickup time to make sure everything was on schedule and was assured that my truck would be waiting for me. I arrived in Maryland on Saturday Sep 27 in the middle of the afternoon and called the East New Market facility to verify that everything was ready to go for the next day. They told me they had no record of a truck... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    fanboyfrank's Picture   fanboyfrank    0 Comments   Comments

    I rented a ubox for their Worcester, Mass location weeks ago. 3 days before I am expecting to move my things and 4 days before I move ACROSS THE COUNTRY they tell me Worcester has no space and I have to go to Clinton, Mass. I have no way of getting to Clinton and now thanks to this awful company no way of moving my things just days before I am supposed to be leaving. The customer service was a NIGHTMARE. Especially at the regional office (in Boston I believe). I spoke to two managers who were rude and couldn't care less about my situation. Customer service reps, the Worcester... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Sapollon's Picture   Sapollon    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst service at Uhaul Siera Foods Cedar Rapids Location, Impossible to contact them

    The person at the store suggested me to take more moving boxes than i needed because i can return unused boxes but haven't provided me recipt for boxes now i have unused boxes in my home and at the new U-Haul location they are asking me contract # for the moving boxes which was never provided to me. I tried to call Sierra Foods location to get contract number and they promised that they will call to U-Haul at Spruce Hills in Bettendorf and i can go and return boxes their but they never called and made me to drive U-haul location 3 times, I called them at least 100 times from U-haul... More...
    erpraveenec's Picture   erpraveenec    0 Comments   Comments
  • Uhaul Uboxes Upcharges

    This location may or may not be the problem. We don't know where the disconnect has taken place since we have been on the phone for several hours with different entities at different times to address numerous issues but keep getting bounced around. Uhaul says call Ubox. Ubox says call the moving help. Moving help say call Uhaul. We have been increasingly charged more and more and are at the point where we are going to start cancelling credit cards to prevent Uhaul from taking anymore of our hard earned money. Our original quote was $2300 for 3 u boxes and movers for a move from... More...
    deemac's Picture   deemac    0 Comments   Comments
  • Credits Not applied timely but the debits are instant

    When renting a truck an estimate was done for $234. When the unit was returned the actual cost was $162. I used my debit card and it was instantly debit both time for the total of $396. I was told it may take up to 5 days for the credit to make it back to my checking account. What a bunch of crap. If an account can be instantly debited I can't imagine why it couldn't be instantly credited as well. The crooks are floating thousands of dollars nationwide using this tactic and then trying to tell me it's my bank????? More...
    terrywitt's Picture   terrywitt    0 Comments   Comments
  • UHAUL truck rental

    Every single time I reserve a truck they call me the night before with a truck that is 10-16 feet shorter than what I reserved or they put me 60 miles out of the location I reserved it at. I have had nothing but horrible experience with Uhaul. I always call the 800 number thinking they can just find me what I need or I have done it online. The same thing happens every time. Im not kidding when I say this is at least the 5th time I have tried to get a truck to move our storage unit. We can only do it when my boyfriend is in town because he drives a tractor/trailer and is on the road working... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    kristin4322's Picture   kristin4322    0 Comments   Comments

    Worst place I've ever been. The woman was rude and explained that it wasn't her job to make sure the trucks were in the lot. She took over an hour just to get my rental squared away even though I did express check in online. She made no attempt to help us when she said she didn't have a truck for us. Told us to find another location and call to see if I could transfer. I had to call 4 places to find a truck, then she changed her mind and said the truck was found. She gave us a rental with less than a 1/4 tank of gas that was hiding out of sight. Was told nothing I ordered... More...
  • Equipment not provided

    DO NOT USE THIS U-HAUL LOCATION!!! My entire experience has been an absolute nightmare. I am currently awaiting an acceptable response via the Better Business Bureau. The equipment I reserved and needed to complete my move was not supplied (as contracted). According to Tina (Uhaul rep), a "reservation" is not guaranteed. "If someone comes in off the street and needs that equipment, we have to give it to them" and "woman to woman", I should have been able to handle my moving my washer and dryer without any assistance. Tina should not be allowed to speak with... More...
    Nicole0183's Picture   Nicole0183    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Expereince with PODS

    I tried to rent pods and moving help though the Uhaul website. It took my money and didn't give me a reservation. As I tried to talk to anyone who could help, they passed me around and stole hours of my life. When I finally got to people who could help me, all they offered was a sad $40 VIP voucher for my next time. I will never use this because this is a terrible company. If I wasn't classy I would list out their names, but suffice to say that if you offer a service on your website your website should work, and if you are going to offer customer service they people you train... More...
    (Delivery Services)

    I rented a UBox. I got charged $550 before even leaving the state I was moving from. But moving on. Not only did their GM at the receiving store hang up on me so did their corporate office. I call back. The corporate office say 'oh I thought our conversation was over'. IT'S FAR FROM OVER..they have been holding my items from my move to Florida for over 30 days on their mistake. We gave them our new phone numbers and our new bank card information on June 2nd. They never called us. We've called EVERYDAY to the store in Panama City where our UBox was being shipped to see... More...
    ribbittxfrog's Picture   ribbittxfrog    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor logistics and outright lied-to.

    To start with the pod itself was much smaller than anticipated. After comparing price quotes we chose U-Haul after all, a reputable brand. The price was cheaper, but the box was smaller than competitors. I hadn%u2019t bothered to compare sizes thinking they would be comparable. Make a fair comparison when doing your research. When the pod arrived they had mistakenly noted the pick-up date to be the same as the drop off date. They made arrangements and changed it accordingly. The personnel were professional and courteous. The pick-up went off without a hitch as well. Positive is... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    m2par's Picture   m2par    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pod is MIA to this date

    My girlfriend and I recently made the move from the east coast to Colorado and since our car has no trailer hitch we decided to employ Uhaul's U-Box for transporting all of our possessions. In hindsight, we shouldn't have left the dogs medicine in the box as it is currently 11 days missing. The moving company that is supposed to receive the pod has confirmed that Uhaul never sent a request to have it moved from our state of origin. Currently we have no idea where it is. There is no tracking number and Uhaul has made no effort to aid us in atleast finding our box. Needless to say,... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Halston's Picture   Halston    2 Comments   Comments
  • Got mug by uhaul

    I have been a loyal customer to uhaul for years until 06/09/2014 I was in a process of moving from Florida to Virginia I call uhaul and I rented a moving truck and a tow dolly it cost me over $800, no one had told me to remove the drive shaft of my car because my car is a back wheel drive so my transmission was got fried on the way to Virginia so I call uhaul to explain them the situation, the filled a claim and transfer me to repwest their insurance company then one week later they denied my claim, then they say it's because the contract I had sign did say to remove the drive shaft no... More...
    Donpeter's Picture   Donpeter    1 Comments   Comments
  • Fake and Miss-leading advertisement!

    I live in Canada and we saw the trucks in the street were states they rent the truck for certain price. Turns out that the price is in a foreign currency and when is converted to the local currency they are more expensive that the competence... (very tricky and Miss-leading, next time they will be charging in Australian or Jamaican dollars depending of the convenience) Second my credit card got charge twice, for the same amount, the company claims that is only the pending charges but this was couple weeks ago, and the bank is telling me that is not pending, in fact they have the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Idemc's Picture   Idemc    0 Comments   Comments
  • Uhaul Ubox

    My wife and I have just moved to a new state and gave Uhaul pod a try. We have a guaranteed deliver of 6/5/14, only to call that evening to find out they in fact have not even left the state they were coming from. When I went in for a discount, they offered me 2%....2% of 1500$ is 30$. that covers the lock I put on the pod. Furthermore, the pickup location in my new state says that their records indicate it was delivered and is there. I cant help but wonder if they are falsifying information in order to fulfill a contract( a contract that I received 3 days after I paid online.) My... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    thefamous24's Picture   thefamous24    5 Comments   Comments
  • uhaul rental

    My family reserved a 26ft uhaul truck/ vehicle trailer hitch on Monday at local business being told it would be ready Friday by 1P. At 3P the uhaul reservation store person wouldn't come out of office ; but sent a clerk to tell us "I can't tell Uhaul what to do. I don't have a truck to give them." In calling Uhaul reservation line multiple problems. They insisted reservation never done, until finding the "regional manager's "Troy" name and number and then told we were on a waiting list probably a truck available Tuesday One reservation line... More...
    markdotti's Picture   markdotti    1 Comments   Comments
  • uHaul and false Guarantee

    Carefully reserved a cargo van or one way to NYC from Washington, DC (Rockville Office). We were specific in requiring a cargo van since commercial trucks are not allowed in our home area of NYC. Arrived and were told no Cargo van but we'd been upgraded to a 10". Uhaul site is rift with comments over folks in NYC getting busted over large uHaul trucks. Disappointed, we asked the very friendly staff for our $50 refund (based on their reservation guarantee -- if what you rent isn't available when you arrive we'll give you $50.) The counter guy tried - he clearly... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    louisRave's Picture   louisRave    2 Comments   Comments
  • Awful Experience

    I reserved a 17' truck 4- weeks prior to needing it for a 9:00 am local pick up. I received an email confirmation including place of pick up and time. 1 week before moving I received a call from Uhaul stating that my 14' truck would be ready for pick up at 5:00 PM about 45 minutes away I stated that this would not work and they transferred me to a corporate office where I was told that I could get a truck at 9:00 am but I had to go about 1 hour away, now mind you they charge .99 a mile I explained that this was not what I agreed to and there response was sorry about that but that... More...
    fryman's Picture   fryman    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bait & Switch

    I reserved a 20' truck three weeks before my pick-up date. I called the day before to confirm (because they did a bait & switch on me last time), and they said that my truck's "brakes don't work." As there were no other 20' trucks available, I was stuck with a 14' truck. Instead of taking 1, MAYBE 2 trips, it took me 3 trips to load and unload the truck. It was a 25 mile drive, so it added several hours to move, extra gas, and extra mileage. The U-Haul rep showed up 20 minutes late to opening even though he knew I would be there before they opened.... More...
    unccjlist's Picture   unccjlist    1 Comments   Comments
  • Worse Customer Service at U-Haul Bardstown Rd louisville, KY

    ATTE: Mr. Chris Nester U-Haul Company President. We went to get a service from this location and we were assisted by the General manager Dwight Hanke, first of all we had to wait a long time for get his attention, then he looked really hurry like he does not matter anything more than his personal time, he rushed us like dog, also he was yelling his staff in unprofessional manner. When we asked for any advice regarding the service that we requested he said to the staff in front of us that he need help on the reception because he was dying because we were asking a lot of question about the... More...
    Pedry's Picture   Pedry    1 Comments   Comments
  • Uhaul RoadSide Assistance

    Unfortunately I work for Uhaul, and can completely agree with what these unhappy customers are saying. When we start, they put us through three days of training then put us on the phones unassisted to take calls. The whole process is a joke. We have to ask customer meaningless questions such as "are you safe"- why does that matter when its going to take someone 90 minutes or more to assist the customer. They constantly rent out unsafe trucks and trailers. Some of their equipment has breakdown calls everytime its rented but they refuse to take the vehicle off the lot. They... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    Azrose13's Picture   Azrose13    1 Comments   Comments
  • Uhaul Kingston, Ontario

    We reserved a truck online a month in advance. It was confirmed. Called Uhaul a week before to reconfirm and they said all is good. Then a day before they call us and say they over booked and don't have a truck for us. Since we were using the truck to move, we were screwed. They didn't seem too appologetic and didn't offer any future discounts to compensate for the error. I will not recommend Uhaul to anyone and I will never use them again. More...
    thecolin25's Picture   thecolin25    4 Comments   Comments
  • Military family's Ubox

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Ordered and PAID FOR trailer hitch and trailer online on 12/10/2013. Arrived at store at 8 a.m. on 12/18/13 to have hitch installed. They told me it hadn't arrived yet. Why wasn't I called (at least the night before) to let me know? We waited and called daily for the hitch to arrive. On 12/21/13 We had no choice to leave so my husband could REPORT FOR MILITARY ASSIGNMENT. We had to drive from Oklahoma City to Monterey, CA. The store offered to ship all of our belongings to CA at no extra cost. Note: all of the items in the UBox are items we were advised by the military to NOT... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    MilitaryWife's Picture   MilitaryWife    1 Comments   Comments
  • Uhaul decided to charge me 'more' after the rental - AND apply a late payment fee

    I rented a U-haul trailer for a day - was quoted and paid in full when I picked up the trailer in Southwestern Ontario - I delivered the U-haul trailer as promised to the pre-determined location the next day - on-time and spotless. 40 days later, I receive a collection notice from a collections agency that I owe $69.55. I called Uhaul to ask about this, and was told that "the price I was quoted and paid was *not* the final price" - and that I owed an additional $39.95 late payment penalty of $30. I asked what this extra charge was for, and they couldn't say - just that I... More...
    notauhaulfan's Picture   notauhaulfan    3 Comments   Comments
  • uhaul stole my money

    I rented a uhaul and went and did the job. after I returned, had the truck inspected and paid for the truck, I left the building. I paid $317. Two days later, I get an alert, that uhaul charged my card another $483. the guy said the truck was dirty, so he had to recharge me. they are thieves. I WANT MY MONEY. They took over $700 More...
    jdoc's Picture   jdoc    4 Comments   Comments
  • UHaul Experience

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I rented a 4x8 trailor from uhaul and during the trip, the tire blew out. I WAS BROKE DOWN WAITING ON I-95 FOR 7 HOURS!!!!!! 7 FREAGIN HOURS FOR A SPARE TIRE ?!?!?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!!!!! AND I PAYED $ 30 FOR INSURANCE TOO !!!!! THEN I HAD TO CALL BACK TWICE TO MAKE SURE THEY CREDITED MY CARD FOR A WHOPPING $ 50 INCONVEINENCE FEE BECAUSE THE FIRST PERSON I TALKED TO NEVER CREDITED IT. WHAT A JOKE !!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER EVER USE THIS SLACK COMPANY AGAIN !!! You have been warned. I suggest you try Budget or Penske. I WILL !! More...
    uhaulsuks's Picture   uhaulsuks    1 Comments   Comments
  • 26' Truck

    UHaul is great. I had problems with my truck during my move (which happens in the course of life) and they made sure my belongings got to my final destination as quickly as possible and took care of any extra expense directly related to the breakdown. Kirk (regional president) and Jimmy (GM) are class acts and they were a pleasure to work with. More...
    seano17's Picture   seano17    0 Comments   Comments
  • UHaul 26' Truck Experience

    My UHaul truck had a mechanical failure (which happens in the course of life) and the branch I leased it from (on Oracle Road in Tucson) handled it superbly. They towed my truck from the breakdown point all the way to my destination without causing me much hassle at all. They also made sure I did not incur additional expense due to the breakdown. Kirk (regional president) and Jimmy (GM) handled this situation the best way possible. I will always use UHaul for my future moves and I would recommend the same for everyone. More...
    seano17's Picture   seano17    0 Comments   Comments
  • U Haul U-box pods

    I used this service to move my belongings across the county. Overall, it was a very bad experience. The way the U-box service is set up you are unable to talk to ANYONE in the corporate U haul office that can answer any of your questions including where you're boxes are. I was told by one corporate employee that my boxes were in California when in fact they were still in Florida. You are expected to line everything up with the individual U haul offices some of which are much less organized than others. The location that took my delivery in Florida deleted my online account to... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Consumer525's Picture   Consumer525    1 Comments   Comments
  • Uhaul failure to provide services

    On June 7, 2013, I made a reservation at www.uhaul.com for a 17’ truck and tow dolly for a one-way move between Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, MA on June 28, 2013. At 9:31AM on June 7, I received an automated reply email from U-Haul confirming my order, with order number 20299519. The exact language of the email read “Your order is confirmed.” I had heard horror stories from friends about their past experiences when U-Haul did not have a truck available when they went to pick up their reservation, so on June 18 at 1:31PM I called U-Haul to confirm my order. I provided... More...
  • uhaul

    Lets just start by saying, I will NEVER RENT FROM UHAUL AGAIN!!!!! I should have listened to the reviews from previous " renters" !! When I reserved my truck, the lady behind the counter was got to be the WORST EVER!!! Not only RUDE but rushed me through the whole process!! When I gave her my credit card and license, she gave me back my credit card, but not my license!!, Not realizing this until a while later, when I went back to get it, she said " I GAVE YOU BACK YOUR LICENCE "," you must have lost it!! why don't you look on the floor where you were... More...
    marlene1234's Picture   marlene1234    1 Comments   Comments
  • U-Haul - worst experience of my life

    I recently moved from PA back to FL - made the mistake of using U-Haul instead of a reputable moving company. Cost me thousands of dollars between rental charges, supplies and gas & mileage - first rented a very large truck which my son drove down - truck broke down and he sat in truck with his dog for hours waiting for service. Then I rented a pod that they said would be delivered to FL in 3-5 days - it took almost 2 wks. My son had to leave for a job opportunity in Texas and was gone for over a week, he came back to FL close to the end of the month and then throw in the July 4th... More...
    mjpollard's Picture   mjpollard    0 Comments   Comments
  • U-Haul worst customer service reps at call centers

    I have had to use them twice in the last 2 weeks for a move. They started by screwing up my storage reservation, and then lied about my truck. I reserved two trucks and two storage units. The first issue was that I had requested a storage unit that was either ground level or had elevator access. When I arrived at the storage facility, I was told that my spaces were above the ground level, and had only staircase access. After negotiating with a customer service at the facility (who was actually great) we took two spots on the ground floor. Problem is that they were bigger than what I had... More...
    ThomasC's Picture   ThomasC    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hitch Installation at U-Haul Ottawa, 383 Conventry Rd.

    A complete waste of time and effort. You cannot trust these people. Their words are worthless. They are completely disorganized and only God knows how they can stay in business and make a living with this kind of service. Phoned the posted U-Haul number from their website and talked to a lady named Pat. She was very nice and courteous. I asked her if they had a hitch for a 2008 Tucson and she said they did. She booked an appointment for the next day at 7:45 and asked me if it was too early. I said that was fine. She sent me the contract to my email address. So I took the day off to make... More...
  • Fraudulent Use of My Credit Card

    My daughter used U-Haul and arranged to use my credit card for a pre-authorization and to pay cash upon the return of the Rental Van. While in her use a window was broken. U-Haul was closed when she returned the vehicle. The next morning, she went to leave to go to U-Haul to pay for her rentals. She checked her emails before leaving and found that they had already charged by card for the rentals and the damages. I guess their insurance is useless and she should have used her own vehicle insurance. They fraudulently used my credit card without authorization or signature of any type... More...

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uhaul Comments

danielrol1 says: (3 weeks ago)
They gave us problem after we return the van that already had a dent in it in hillside queens,please find out from others represent who use it so we won't get charge thank u

hemspilot says: (6 months ago)

1ST. The truck that I picked up, got a engine light within minutes of picking it up. Called uhaul back, they said they didn't have another truck, call customer service. Called customer service, they said to call their maintenance dept. Called them, they said its ok to drive it 1,000 miles to Alabama, its probably just a oil change due.

2nd. Called another uhaul that had my other reservation for a open trailer. Customer service did tell me that I could take it out of state, but would have to bring it back to the same location. Once I called them, they advised that the one I reserved was broken. That they would try to find me another. Finally 2 hrs later, they found me one that was 45 mins from my house. I drove the uhaul down there to check the engine light. They said was just a fuel cap. They also credited me one day, for the delays.

3rd. Packed the truck and trailer and headed out. 20 mins into the drive, the open box trailer was smoking from the tires. We left the trailer on the side of the road, as I was one day behind due to the delays of getting the uhauls and I had to be at work the next day. Called uhaul to advise them it broke down.

4th While drive to Alabama, the uhual developed a large fuel leak. As fast as you could fill it, it would pour out. Crawled underneath and found a 3 inch gash in the rubber hose from filler to the tank. Knew uhaul would have to swap trucks, so I duck taped the gash and continued leak free to Alabama.

5th, Along the way, the car trailer lights stopped working, Pulled over to find the wiring harness from the trailer was melted in one spot. I spliced the wire and had to pull the cig lighter fuse to replace the trailer light fuse that had blown.

What could happen next with these uhauls ?

As I am entering Alabama, 24 hrs later, uhaul calls and says the trailer is fixed you can come pick it up. I told them I was already in Alabama, whos going to bring me my stuff? She said I don't know, I will call you back.

Each day I called and each day I got the same line, someone will call you back. Finally on the 4th day I get a call and the lady said I will have to come get my stuff, they wont bring it to me. That I had over loaded the trailer.

I advised her that I am a commercial pilot and I am very familiar with weight and balance and that NO WAY was the trailer over loaded. The lawn mower weights 1150 lbs. There's two ladders, a box, and a few other things that at the MAX weigh 1700-1800 lbs. Uhaul lists the trailer at 2000 lbs max... The trailer is certified for 3500lbs. No way was it over loaded... This is the local manager/owners way of not having to do anything about my belongings.

When I advised her, that I could take my belongings to my old job in Corpus and weight it on a large truckers scale that we use to weight the helicopters, she was very quiet. No way was the trailer over loaded.

Uhaul should be making arrangements to bring me my lawn mower. That's a $12,000 mower. I don't care if they take everything else off of the trailer... I want my lawn mower delivered to Alabama. This trip was nothing but a hassle, each item breaking being a uhaul piece of equipment.

My eldest daughter writes for Dateline NBC and my son works for Channel 10 news in Corpus Christi, which Channel 10 is well known for doing stories on local businesses who perform poorly with no customer service relations, which is exactly what I experienced this time.

woodyp75 says: (9 months ago)
I ordered a tow hitch from uhaul about a month ago and was told that it would be in about a week later. The dealer never called to say it was in yet. 3 weeks later i called them and they said that they will call and check on the order. Its been 5 weeks and no tow hitch and nobody knows anything about it. So uhaul took my money and then pushed me aside and never gave me anything in return . ill never use them again and i rent about 4 trucks at a time in a year

zombiewakeupnow says: (1 year ago)
U-HAUL CHARGED US SAYING WE TRAVEL 10 MILES AND WE ONLY TRAVEL 3 MILES FROM CRAY COFT to Wilmot just moving to the next Street over and they charged us and extra 100 dollars and More so I am going to take them court and I am seeing the he'll out of them with my awesome lawyer and we like to win this stupid ass case we never lose a case

marlene1234 says: (2 years ago)
Oh by the way.. the FEW good reviews must have been PAID by the uhaul employees!!

anzoli31 says: (2 years ago)
Called 6/26/2013 to U haul in Spring Texas off of 2920 and 45 to set up a hitch install on a vehicle. they said they would have to order the hitch and then gave me a quote of $311 and some change. Scheduled an install date of 7/3/2013. Had to call them to see if the hitch was in as they told me that they would call when it came it. When I called, they had not even ordered the hitch. Had to set another date of the 9th of July to get it installed. Still did not call me to verify the date and time. Had to call them. They said it was in. Showed up to have it installed. After it was installed, charged me over $50 more. When I challenged them, they said it was only a quote. She was very rude behind the counter. Told them that I would never do business with them again and they are slow and never keep there word. Had charged it on my CC. It showed up that night as a debit. The next morning, it was not on my account for some reason. Then it showed back up on my account on the 11th. Two days later. These people are not customer oriented what so ever. Could have done a better job with the wiring than they did.

chickenhead says: (2 years ago)
u haul sucks major donkey balls and takes your money

diloanel says: (3 years ago)
when I returned the cargo-van I rented on 03/31/2012 my bill end was $ 46.14, same as U-haul sent me as confirmation to my e-mail by the same amount, but in the card bank statement that I used for this transaction show two charges: the first one ,on 03/22/2012 Uhaul # 001 602-263-6895 Us for $ 1.15 when I made the online reservation and the second one : on 03/31/2012 U-haul of Murray Salt Lake City Us for $ 61.04 that was when I return the cargo-van, so there is a discrepancy in my favor of $16.05
I contacted with the General manager of U-haul Center of Utah Mr John Welsh and he told me to wait until Wednesday 04/03/2012 and check again my card bank statement and if it was not made the refund would have to call U-haul to the accounting department 1-800-789-3638, everything was fine except for the discrepancy between the final due U-haul that told me and confirmed by e-mail. i'm very upset by this situation. because I need wait to be my money reimbursed

peakfreak007 says: (4 years ago)
U Haul = U Get Screwed. U haul is charging me more than $400 for a piece of junk trailer they rented to me which was not sufficient to haul an empty box that was placed on it. It bowed under the weight of the U-Box, before I even loaded it and they say that I am responsible for it. Want a real joke: try calling their "emergency roadside service". They had me on hold for over an hour on a busy dangerous highway in 90 degree weather after their crappy trailer broke down. customer service horrible in every aspect. Extremely long hold time to contact anybody at U-Haul. They are nothing but a scam. Do not rent vehicles or equipment from U Haul or count on them for any service. You will get screwed!!

IHATEJUHAUL says: (4 years ago)
The customer "service", if you can call it that at 1-800-468-4285 -Uhaul Reservations is PITIFUL!! The gal on the other end of the line sounded as if she had just woken up from a COMA! I see so many BAD REVIEWS of Uhaul, it makes me wonder if anyone at UHAUL even reads these or knows about this, and if they DO, do they even CARE? I doubt it. Who ever this gal was on the other end of the line was an Extremely POOR REPRESENTATIVE of her employer. SHAME ON UHAUL

Jaki says: (4 years ago)
Revently I rented a truck from Uhaul - in addition to the very rough customer service they have, they printed me a wrong initial odometer millage reading in my receipt, and charged me for many more miles. My fault, infact was, trusting them and not cross checking the millage of the car with the print out - when the guy walked out and checked the truck, I assumed that he made sure of everything- but not - he deliberatly let that happen to take more of my money. SO DO NOT TRUST THE CRAPPY CUSTOMER SERVICE PERSONNELS. ALWAYS D ONT TRUST THEM, AND CHECK EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU DRIVE THE CAR OUT OF THEIR LOT. OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE HARASED AND HARSHLY TREATED BY THEM!!

ahniewon49 says: (5 years ago)
Recently, I returned a trailer to the East Providence, R.I. location and detached it myself. Only as I was walking into the building was I informed that we would have to reattach it in order to check the lights. I participated in doing that, but the man who belatedly assisted me disconnected the lights roughly (I hope that he didn't mess up my wire connection, the one that I paid UHaul to install in my car, and left the trailer wire laying on the ground.

When we went inside, it was a whole different story, all about keeping me waiting while he gossiped and kissed up to the manager, whom he had complained about outdoors.

That's what the atmosphere is always like at that location. I go there only because it's convenient to my home. I'd certainly make a change if I knew of another convenient location.

Passive aggression is the order of the day there, and it's been like that for years.

I have no interest in anyone "making it better" for me and no interest in continued correspondence, which I will ignore. I'm also a little surprised at myself for being (what I hope is) an anonymous informer.

But don't let me disconnect a trailer, act badly in the lot, and then kiss up to the boss as I wait--at my expense.

At one time, the customer was "always right." I'm never right in my dealings at that place. In fact, they go out of their ay to make me "wrong."

But things on my end are always in order, and, of course, my money's good.

CustomerNLimbo says: (5 years ago)
The U-haul regional office for Fresno, CA is horrible to customers. Not only did the rep answer the phone rudley but she was plain aggressive throughout the entire conversation. The complait concers U-haul holding a deposit for 35 days, after the bill was settled the same day of the rental in cash. The rep simply had to send a form to my back informing them we had settled and to reverse the funds, but the rep was fighting us the entire time.

The issue remain unresolved althought the rep gave her word that she would fax over the required information, after she received a fax from my bank that displays the amount on hold. Needless to say, the rep claims that she has yet to recieve the fax (sent a total of three times successfully) which means I remain in limbo. Horrible customer service.

IHATEUHAUL says: (6 years ago)
HORRIFIC CUSTOMER SERVICE from the bottom up!!

IHATEUHAUL says: (6 years ago)
My recommendation....DON'T EVER RENT FROM UHAUL. EXTREMELY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I think their name should be changed to U-HELL. They have a $50 'reservation guarantee' promise and never followed through. My first time renting with Uhaul will be my last time. A representative did not call to schedule the apt. with me, I have to call them to confirm. And when I called to confirm, they had inputted the wrong time in. And the day of pick up, they didn't have my truck and said that they would call me back when they have the truck. When they called me back, they said that they did have the truck at my reservation time. ??? They twisted everything around pretty much. The rep. that I spoke to was very loud and rude, and have a very bad accent by the way, so I didn't understand half the things that's coming out of his mouth. (His name is Joe by the way) When I called the Regional office, they said that they wouldn't honor the $50 reservation guarantee because I never showed up. How can you show up when you called in advance to check to see if they have your truck and they tell you that they don't have it??!!! Hello!!!! Would anyone?? You will regret renting from this location especially. I don't know about other states, but the UHaul customer here in Charlotte is horrific, even up to the Regional level. Call them and see for yourself.

(704) 596-1476

Call them and see for yourself and let me know your first impression. There's a saying, "you can tell how someone is the first 5 minutues you meet/speak to them." This is very true. Test it out for yourself. Just call and see how they answer the phone. This is exactly how they treat you. Oh, and try calling the customer service line: (1-800-468-4285), the voice recorder will take you around and around and around.

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