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uhaul Complaint - The Switcheroo
uhaul Complaint

uhaul Complaint


The Switcheroo

I had booked a 17 ft. U-haul in the St. Albert/Edmonton, Alberta, Canada area and was assured that a truck would be available on the date stated. The day before I was to pick up the U-Haul I got a phone call (rep 1) and was told that the truck was available but it was at a U-haul place about 70 km. west of the city on hwy. 16. I was told that there was no other truck closer. Despite the inconvenience, I agreed to pick it up but only if U-haul paid for the taxi to get me there. I phoned the place, a RV sales place just outside of Fallis and was told (rep 2) that not only did they not have a17 ft. truck, they had no U-haul trucks. I phoned the other U-haul person (rep 1) with this information. The next day I received a call from the RV sales place (rep 2) telling me they now had the truck. At no time did either of these representatives of Uhaul mention an “upgrade”. So, I made arrangements for a taxi to drive me there but first I had to find a map because no taxi place knew where it was.

When we arrived at the RV sales place I was about to pay the taxi driver but he suggested that I make sure the truck was there first. It is increasingly rare these days but sometimes you still come across a decent human being and one who cares about their customers. When I asked to be shown the truck I was told “your 26 ft. truck is right over here”. When I pointed out that I had ordered a 17 ft. I was told that my order had been “ungraded”. Can anyone explain how this is a “upgrade”:
1. the truck that is 9 ft. longer than I need
2. My gas costs would increase considerably
3. The difficulties and stress of finding places for gas, food, lodging, etc. ,where I can drive the damn thing in and out, also increase.

When I refused the truck I was offered a discount to take it but I again refused. I didn't know if the discount was off the 17 ft. price or the 26 ft. price and I didn't care.

I made it quite clear that I was not taking the 26 ft. truck and that they had promised me a17 ft. truck. So, I was told to wait 5 minutes and they would get me a 17 ft. I told them my cab would stay, on the meter, until they got back to me and they were paying (I had no other way home). After almost an hour waiting the RV sales guy (rep 2) told me I should go home and they would call me. Before I left the RV sales guy said that (rep 1) would bend over backwards to help me out, if I treated him with respect. So, I have been lured into the middle of nowhere, where they tried to con me into taking a truck I didn't want (presumably thinking I would be desperate enough to take it) and then I was to bend down and lick their boots in order to get what they had, I believe, a legal liability to provide me. It is impossible to express my disgust and contempt for these people.

I was told at one point that they had left me a message telling me of the “upgrade”. I pointed out that it was impossible since there was no means to leave a message (no voice mail, or answering machine, etc.). Then they changed their excuse and said that they could “upgrade” a customer without their consent. I don't believe that is legal.

I did get a 17 ft truck which I picked up the next day (day 3)(so obviously they had one available) and they gave me a few hundred dollars discount for putting me through hell (there were more problems caused by their mess). But there is nothing they did, or could, give me that would make up for luring an older woman (or anyone) into the middle of nowhere, then trying to con me, then telling me that I have to “respect” people who, in my view, are unethical, immoral bastards.

So, if you are planning to rent a U-haul in the St. Albert/Edmonton, Alberta area, you are f0rwarned.

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